Make it stand for your business. Make sure it’s the best reflection of your brand.

What kind of impression is your business making? The image you’re putting outside your office or store is often the first impression your customers are getting. It could be the deciding factor of whether they walk in your store or not.

We here at NZ Sign Co recognise the importance of a good first impression. We’ve been in the sign-making business for a long time, and we understand that the need for business signs is as strong as ever.

Whether you're updating your storefront, building an office, or looking to develop your company signage across multiple locations, you need vibrant, exciting and visible signage. We understand these needs, which is why we always design, engineer and manufacture our signs, so they stand out.

We’re driven to provide you with the best

Established in 1989 as a small Hamilton-based sign shop, we have grown to be Waikato's largest and most experienced sign company.

While we started off small, we have evolved with the times and now use the newest technologies to help get your business noticed. The years have brought great success for the franchises and nationwide businesses we have worked with, allowing us to grow and add to our team. Together, our skilled sign-makers have over 200 years of experience!

So, if you’re looking for a sign, we’re big enough to get whatever you need to be done but small enough to give you the attention you deserve.  

“I believe in signs. Sign Co. NZ helped us get it right. ”

 Jimmy T. from Auckland

Light up your business with the perfect sign

A sign is a reflection of who you are; it tells someone a lot. You want to make sure that what is on display remains visible and vibrant to inspire action.

So your signage needs to look remarkably good!

Lots of possibilities

With the goal of making your brand easily remembered, we take a few -- but important -- variables into consideration as we assess the best option for you. And trust us -- there a lot of possibilities available within a wide range of budgets. We’ are here to help you find the right one.

Our number one objective in how we approach creating a sign is making sure it fits the space and meets your needs to a “T”. (Or whatever letter(s) you prefer on your sign!)

Looking for ideas?

We know a good sign points people in the right direction. Let’s begin the journey today, and get your customers to see your brand in a new light!

To get things started, we like to have a chat with you. That way we can understand what you’re looking for as well as any factors that could impact how your sign is installed or how well it would be seen from the road.

Get in touch for a chat and we’ll go from there: 07 847 4476.


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