What is a pylon sign:

A pylon sign is a free standing sign that is generally placed at the entranceway to a premises to advertise/promote the business / businesses or activity at the site.

In many situations these are the best way to get your business location noticed from a distance.

Most buildings have neighbours either side, and the building frontage is not often seen until the passing motorist is virtually in front of the premises. Pylon signs can be mounted on the road front boundary, and face up and down the street. The right designed and positioned pylon sign has the ability to get your business noticed from a great distance up and down the street, resulting in more people seeing your business name for longer.

The signs can be made in all different shapes, sizes, illuminated and non illuminated, including incorporating fully programmable electronicmessage screens, and made from different materials, to create an image unique to your business, and to meet your budget.

What can NZ Sign Co do for you:

NZ Sign Co specialises in the manufacture of this type of sign. We have a our own specialist manufacturing facility set up specifically to produce this kind of sign from our Hamilton premises and manage the transporation, assembly and installation of these signs from Bluff to Kaitia. We have made and installed hundreds of these signs throughout NZ.

NZ Sign Co has proven processes to establish exactly what size, shape and location a pylon sign should be on your property in order to maximize the impact for your business.

By getting in touch with NZ Sign Co now, we can possibly save you thousands of dollars, by ensuring the process of planning and manufacturing one of these signs is carried out in the most efficient and cost effective way. We can help you through the whole process, from design, consenting, foundation works, manufacture, and installation.


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